My 2021 Annual Review

The year of turning 42.

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Time for my 2021 annu­al review.

In this post, I’ll do my best to answer these three ques­tions: 1This format is inspired by James Clear’s annu­al reviews.

What went well this year?
What didn’t go so well this year?
What am I work­ing toward?

Here we go:

What Went Well This Year?

Simplicity. For 2021, I wanted to sim­pli­fy my life. I got rid of lots of stuff. I also organ­ised our entire home, spend­ing quite a lot of money on boxes, draw­ers, labels, appli­ances, less soft­ware, routines etc. This was easy to do, but the pos­it­ive effects have been monumental.

Seven years without alco­hol. Yet anoth­er year without alco­hol. And still no prob­lems what­so­ever. In February, I drank a mouth­ful of an alco­hol­ic bever­age by mis­take, but that’s all.

OMAD (One Meal A Day). In 2021, I transitioned into eat­ing One Meal a Day (OMAD). I prac­tice inter­mit­tent fast­ing for 23 hours daily by eat­ing one daily meal. It sounds extreme, but this life­style choice works excep­tion­ally well for me. I will stick to this style of eat­ing in 2022 as well.

No snacks or candy. Since I’m stick­ing to the OMAD style (23:1), it was easy to elim­in­ate all types of snacks and candy from my diet.

A daily glass of wheat­grass juice. I might get too little potassi­um (accord­ing to some ran­dom YouTube video). Wheatgrass juice is an excel­lent source of potassium.

Supplements. I ate extra D vit­am­ins every day in 2021.

Strength train­ing. I dead­lif­ted 200% of my body weight.

A per­fect blood test. A few years ago, I tested my blood vitals. I wasn’t too impressed with my res­ults. Extra weight, poor sleep, and work-related stress had taken their toll. In August of 2021, I took a per­fect blood test (i.e. with­in all nor­mal para­met­ers). I’m incred­ibly proud of this accom­plish­ment — it took a lot of effort.

Updating my home office. I decided to invest in my home office this year. I went a little over­board with mul­tiple cam­er­as, micro­phones, an audio inter­face, a new mon­it­or and peri­pher­als, light­ing, a new chair etc. But it didn’t take me long to real­ise it was worth every penny!

What Didn’t Go So Well This Year?

Zero busi­ness growth. My busi­ness didn’t grow this year. It’s a Covid-19 effect res­ult, I think. Business-wise, I just kept the engine running.

Zero extra­vag­an­zas. This was a year of no travel, of no mak­ing of new friends, of no explor­a­tion of new places, of no parties, of no cel­eb­ra­tions. My fam­ily and I kept our heads low through­out 2021.

Not enough pho­to­graphy. I got a lot of spir­itu­al energy from nature pho­to­graphy in pre­vi­ous years, but my pho­to­graphy hit some plat­eau. I hope to redis­cov­er pho­to­graphy in 2022.

What Am I Working Toward?

Do some­thing fresh with my online pres­ence. I’ve been blog­ging in some shape or form since 2001. I enjoy hav­ing a space where I can devel­op thoughts and fur­ther my learn­ing. But per­haps I can do more? I’ve been work­ing on an online course for sev­er­al years — maybe 2022 is the year to go live? I hope so.

Do it or do it not; there is no try.” This com­ing year, I want to focus my atten­tion on few­er ideas but instead push those ideas further.

Stay pos­it­ive. In the lat­ter half of 2021, I have had a more pos­it­ive out­look on life than ever. This wasn’t planned; it was some­thing that just happened. And it was glor­i­ous! My idea is to stick with this mind­set for 2022 as well.

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PR Resource: Renaissance Projects

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My Renaissance Projects

The Renaissance was a peri­od of sig­ni­fic­ant cul­tur­al, artist­ic, polit­ic­al, and sci­entif­ic rebirth in Europe, last­ing from the 14th to the 17th cen­tury, marked by a renewed interest in the clas­sic­al art and ideas of ancient Greece and Rome.

Inspired by lifelong artists and learners, I strive to always devel­op my cre­at­ive intel­li­gence, phys­ic­al strengths, and men­tal well-being. 

This is a list of my “Renaissance Projects”:

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1 This format is inspired by James Clear’s annu­al reviews.
Jerry Silfwer
Jerry Silfwer
Jerry Silfwer, alias Doctor Spin, is an awarded senior adviser specialising in public relations and digital strategy. Currently CEO at Spin Factory and KIX Communication Index. Before that, he worked at Kaufmann, Whispr Group, Springtime PR, and Spotlight PR. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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