Photo Set: Chasing Waterfalls

We were chas­ing water­falls in Älvdalen, Sweden. This amaz­ing place is called Stopfallet. We’ve been here sev­er­al times before and can­’t wait to return.

Photo Set: Swedish Frost

Swedish frost is an emo­tion. The land­scape is quiet, almost muffled. The col­our grey seems to absorb all sharp noises some­how. See my photo set here!

Photo Set: Better Days

Came across some aban­doned cars in the forest. As expec­ted, these cars had seen bet­ter days. But they were still able to give me some good shots.

Photo Set: Visiting Home

Visiting home is always a spe­cial kind of exper­i­ence. But instead of being sen­ti­ment­al, I always go out at night with my cam­era to see what I can see.