Cognitive Performanceby jerry silfwer


10 Intelligence Types: Howard Gardner’s Theory

Are there many intel­li­gence types? Howard Gardner’s the­ory of mul­tiple intel­li­gences intro­duces a hol­ist­ic and diverse under­stand­ing of human capability.

Mental Models: How To Be a Better Thinker

I find men­tal mod­els use­ful as a PR adviser and in every­day life. These mod­els are inspired by Charlie Munger, Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway.

How To Create Knowledge

This list on how to cre­ate know­ledge presents aspects of reas­on­ing, meth­od­o­lo­gic­al approaches, data ana­lys­is per­spect­ives, and philo­soph­ic­al frameworks.

Types of Bad Thinking Habits

But by know­ing (and under­stand­ing) bad think­ing habits, we increase our chances of detect­ing mis­takes before we take poor actions.

Principles of Clear Thinking

Is there a way to prac­tice clear think­ing? I’m amazed almost daily at how oth­er­wise accom­plished indi­vidu­als can think wrong so fre­quently — myself included.

I Took a Personality Test and Failed Miserably

Two years ago, I took the most researched and well-doc­u­mented per­son­al­ity test, the Big Five Aspects Scale. I seemed to have failed.

My Mind Palace (and How It Helps Me To Think Better)

How do you build your own mind palace? And can you use your mind palace for some­thing oth­er than just mem­or­ising long sequences of information?

The Big Five Aspects Scale (My Personality Test Results)

Here are my big five aspects scale per­son­al­ity test res­ults as recom­men­ded by Jordan B. Peterson, Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto.

Image Streaming — Unleash Your Inner Genius

I used to hate brain­storm­ing ses­sions, so I stud­ied how cre­ativ­ity works in the brain and developed a pro­cess based on phys­ic­al feed­back to improve.
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