PR Theoriesby jerry silfwer

Information Asymmetry: The Informed Minority Advantage

Many well-known and pop­u­lar games are based on inform­a­tion asym­metry. Learn the fas­cin­at­ing his­tory of psy­cho­lo­gic­al games like Mafia, Werewolf, and Among Us.

Echo Chambers: Algorithmic Confirmation Bias

Echo cham­bers can under­mine demo­cracy, as our soci­et­ies lose their abil­ity to allow informed, ration­al debates based on a shared under­stand­ing of reality.

Marshall McLuhan: “The Medium is the Message”

Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase, “The medi­um is the mes­sage.” But what does it mean? And who was Marshall McLuhan? And how does it relate to PR?

Kirk Hallahan’s Five Types of Publics

According to Professor Emeritus Kirk Hallahan, there are aware pub­lics, act­ive pub­lics, inact­ive pub­lics, aroused pub­lics, and non-publics.

The Four Models of Public Relations

Discover the found­a­tions of effect­ive pub­lic rela­tions with an in-depth ana­lys­is of the four mod­els of pub­lic rela­tions by James Grunig and Todd Hunt.

What Communication Is (and Why It Matters)

What com­mu­nic­a­tion is (and why it mat­ters): a pro­cess of exchan­ging inform­a­tion via vari­ous forms, includ­ing verbal, writ­ten, non-verbal, and digital. 

PR Approaches: Excellence, Rhetorical, and Critical

There are three fun­da­ment­al PR approaches. In this art­icle, I’ll explain why I prefer the rhet­or­ic­al approach to PR over the excel­lence- and crit­ic­al approach.

The Shannon-Weaver Model of Communication

The Shannon-Weaver Model of Communication out­lines a lin­ear pro­cess where a mes­sage is sent from an inform­a­tion source to a des­tin­a­tion — obstruc­ted by noise.

Social Objects and Public Relations

Social objects mat­ter in PR; get­ting people to talk with each oth­er about stra­tegic­ally chosen top­ics is a corner­stone in mod­ern PR.

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