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The Media Polarisation Model

The Media Polarisation Model explains why the “middle ground” between two extreme pos­i­tions might be situ­ated quite far from the centre of the issue.

The Bandwagon Effect: Momentum Is Everything

The Bandwagon Effect is a psy­cho­lo­gic­al phe­nomen­on where indi­vidu­als adopt cer­tain beha­viours or atti­tudes because they per­ceive that oth­ers are doing the same.

Hidden Arena PR Strategy: Mobilise Change Agents

Uncover the secret to unlock­ing lat­ent act­iv­ists and revo­lu­tion­iz­ing your cause with the hid­den arena PR strategy. Make your cam­paign unstoppable.

Public Opinion is Beyond Right or Wrong

Public opin­ion is not about right or wrong. It’s about who gets to decide how we see the world. And that’s why pub­lic rela­tions is essen­tial in society.

Walter Lippmann: Public Opinion and Perception Management

Explore Walter Lippmann’s influ­en­tial ideas on media, pub­lic opin­ion, and demo­cracy, and learn how they con­tin­ue to shape our under­stand­ing today.

It’s Not a TikTok War, Goddammit

I was fol­low­ing Russia’s inva­sion of Ukraine on TikTok. But this is not a TikTok war. It’s just war. TikTok is just context.

The List of Social Media Issues

Stay on top of social media issues with this com­pre­hens­ive list. Your social media brain will thank you for the valu­able insights and tips.

I’m Quitting Social Media”

Max Read tells us why he’s quit­ting social media in light of read­ing The Twittering Machine by Richard Seymour. He’s witty, cool — and wrong.

The Silent Miners and the Tycoons of Mass Reach

Power has shif­ted to “Tycoons of Mass Reach” along­side “Silent Miners”, mul­tina­tion­al cor­por­a­tions min­ing for data and tweak­ing algorithms.
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