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PR Commentary on Current Events, No Thanks

“I’d like some more PR com­ment­ary on cur­rent events.” Why many aca­dem­ics, pro­fes­sion­als, and organ­isa­tions often choose to steer clear of cur­rent events.

Forget “Better PR” — The PR Industry Needs Education

You and I must save the PR industry. And there’s only one way for­ward that’s fast and agile enough — online education.

De-Platforming as a Public Relations Strategy

In digit­al strategy, de-plat­form­ing is one of the most aggress­ive tools that an organ­isa­tion can util­ise. When should you de-plat­form someone?

Cancel Culture — A Serious PR Problem

Cancel cul­ture and mor­al slackt­iv­ists are influ­en­cing PR pro­fes­sion­als and push­ing us to for­get about free­dom of opin­ion and diversity of thought.

Alternative Facts” Will Be Kellyanne Conway’s PR Legacy

The term “altern­at­ive facts” was coined by US President Donald Trump’s coun­sel­lor Kellyanne Conway. This form of Newspeak will be her PR legacy.

FOMO & Digital Trends: You Don’t Have To Catch Them All

Escape FOMO in the wired world. Must you become a Pokémon or Clubhouse mar­ket­ing expert? Get insights and strategies to over­come FOMO at Doctor Spin.

The Bad PR Strategy

Discover the pit­falls of a bad PR strategy and learn how to avoid or mit­ig­ate them. Expert insights on turn­ing a neg­at­ive repu­ta­tion into pos­it­ive results.

Does Spin Suck?

Discover the true mean­ing of “spin” in PR and debunk the myth that spin sucks. Uncover why spin is actu­ally bene­fi­cial for your brand.

PR Must Adapt or Die

PR must adapt — or die. The tra­di­tion­al pub­lic rela­tions industry must act or we will slowly be replaced by digit­al com­mu­nic­a­tions specialists.
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