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Looking for a Brighter Future? Solarpunk is the Answer

Join the Solarpunk movement and create a sustainable future filled with community-based solutions, renewable energy, and beautiful designs inspired by nature.

Influencer-Started Businesses: Leadership by Popular Demand

As more influencer-started businesses emerge and more venture capitalists get on board, traditional businesses might be staring into an avalanche.

Photo Set: Chasing Waterfalls

We were chasing waterfalls in Älvdalen, Sweden. This amazing place is called Stopfallet. We've been here several times before and can't wait to return.

The Reykjavik Press Release—ChatGPT

This is the Reykjavik press release: I asked Open AI:s ChatGPT to write a press release about a fictitious hotel in Reykjavik, Iceland. This is PR 2023.

Pavlov’s Inbox

I use Pavlov's Inbox to manage my emails. The system is based on classical and operant conditioning by managing the senders, not the emails in your inbox.

The Amplification Hypothesis: How To Counter Extreme Positions Effectively

The amplification hypothesis tells us about attitude certainty. To persuade, align your attitude with the target. Otherwise, you will act to create resistance.
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