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Cognitive Dissonance: Mental Harmony Above All Else

The the­ory of cog­nit­ive dis­son­ance, for­mu­lated by American social psy­cho­lo­gist Leon Festinger in the late 1950s, is a corner­stone concept in psychology. 

Leon Festinger — The Psychologist Behind Cognitive Dissonance

Leon Festinger’s the­or­ies are import­ant in PR. Cognitive dis­son­ance is a phe­nomen­on that leads to con­firm­a­tion bias and caus­al self justifications.

The Thought Leadership PR Strategy: Rule Your Domain

Thought lead­er­ship might be the right PR strategy for you. In this blog post, I’ll explore the prin­ciples of thought lead­er­ship as a PR strategy.

Existentialism for PR Advisers

Existentialism is about mak­ing mean­ing in a world that inher­ently lacks it. For PR advisers, exist­en­tial­ism is a potent frame­work for sound PR advice.

Edward Bernays — The Father of PR

Edward Bernays (1891 – 1995) is con­sidered the fath­er of pub­lic rela­tions. His uncle was Sigmund Freud, and Bernays, too, was inter­ested in psychology.

The Anatomy of Attention

Explore how digit­al media reshapes cog­ni­tion and atten­tion spans. Studies reveal impacts on focus, memory, and mul­ti­task­ing in today’s fast-paced digit­al world.
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