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P.T. Barnum: “There’s No Such Thing as Bad Publicity”

“There’s no such thing as bad pub­li­city.” The harder you attack someone pub­licly, the more you con­vince their fans of their exist­ing belief, not yours.

The Public Relations Agency: Your Secret Weapon

Discover how to choose the right pub­lic rela­tions agency. Learn about col­lab­or­a­tion formats, bene­fits of PR agen­cies, key ser­vices, and red flags to avoid.

The Four Models of Public Relations

Discover the found­a­tions of effect­ive pub­lic rela­tions with an in-depth ana­lys­is of the four mod­els of PR, as intro­duced by James Grunig and Todd Hunt.

Theory of Mind: A Superpower for PR Professionals

Unveil the power of the Theory of Mind for PR pro­fes­sion­als and com­mu­nic­at­ors. Learn how to identi­fy it in your work, and tips for enhan­cing your awareness.

The Extra Mile PR Strategy: Wow Your Customers

Discover the Extra Mile PR Strategy: Boost cus­tom­er hap­pi­ness and cre­ate last­ing good­will and bet­ter pub­lic rela­tions with excep­tion­al service.

The Hidden Arena PR Strategy: Your Key to Mobilising Change Agents

Uncover the secret to unlock­ing lat­ent act­iv­ists and revo­lu­tion­iz­ing your cause with the hid­den arena PR strategy. Make your cam­paign unstoppable.
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