Guest Postsby jerry silfwer

How I Used Machine Learning to Predict Soccer Games for 24 Months Straight

From a simple Python pro­gram and less than 10,000 lines of code, I still had made some­thing that per­formed just as well as the market.

How To Pitch a PR Story to a Broadcast Newsroom

It can be tricky to pitch a visu­al PR story to a busy broad­cast news­room. I’m a news anchor, and I want to give you my best tips on how to do it right.

The CMO is Dead

The CMO is dead. So, say good­bye to the CMO, and say hello to the CCO. This is a guest post on Doctor Spin’s PR blog by Professor Dominique Turpin.

The Campaign Site — Please Rest in Peace

Digital strategy con­sult­ant Tom Daly has no mercy for unne­ces­sary cam­paign sites: “Campaign site cre­at­ors do not deserve clients!”

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