Data-Driven PRby jerry silfwer

The 7 Graphs of Algorithms: You’re Not Unknown

Explore the 7 graphs of algorithms and the intric­ate data exchange guid­ing our digit­al exist­ence in this deep dive into our data-driv­en society.

What You Need to Know About TikTok’s Algorithm

Many people have mis­con­cep­tions about how TikTok’s algorithm works. They believe it’s based solely on tim­ing and engage­ment. Well, it’s not.

The Silent Switch — A Stealthy Death for the Social Graph

The silent switch is dis­rupt­ing our soci­et­ies. Algorithms reward sen­sa­tion­al­ism over brand loy­alty and trust — and soci­ety must suf­fer the consequences. 

Social Media Algorithms and How They Rule Our Lives

We all know how social media algorithms work, right? Well, there’s a lot about them that we don’t know — espe­cially when it comes to their filters.

Why You Should Validate Your Marketing Data Externally

All com­pan­ies are using mar­ket­ing data to eval­u­ate them­selves. But the worse the per­form­ance, the big­ger the risk for skew­ing the analysis.

The Leaky Funnel Problem

Most organ­isa­tions are blind to the leaky fun­nel prob­lem. By count­ing con­ver­sion rates back­wards, atten­tion gets under­val­ued and falsely cor­rel­ated to sales.

Why AI Won’t Replace Your PR Department Anytime Soon

AI will not replace your PR depart­ment any­time soon, but each brand will need few­er and few­er PR pro­fes­sion­als to plan and run activities.

SEO is the Slight Edge in PR

Finishing second in inbound mar­ket­ing is long-term expens­ive. Harness your slight edge and make 100% sure you come out on top.

How To Build a Viral Loop (Using Mathematics)

Learn how to design a vir­al loop for your busi­ness with vir­al math. Calculate your way to suc­cess and cre­ate a vir­al sensation.
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