About Jerry Silfwer

Hi! My name is Jerry Silfwer. I’m a Swede based in Stockholm, but I’ve lived and worked in both New York and Paris with glob­al brands and star­tups. This is my online base­camp.

I have 18+ years exper­i­ence of mak­ing B2B/​B2C brands known around the world. For a detailed pro­fes­sion­al back­ground, con­sider con­nect­ing on LinkedIn.

I run the freel­ance PR agency Spin Factory and am CEO for KIX Communication Index, a tool developed by research­ers at Mid Sweden University for meas­ur­ing com­mu­nic­a­tion maturity.

I’m also a photo enthu­si­ast. That’s why you’ll see lots of nature pho­tos around here. (They don’t have any­thing to do with the PR art­icles, but bet­ter than bor­ing stock pho­tos, right?)

Here on Doctor Spin, I share stra­tegic insights on pub­lic rela­tions and media sci­ence. Let’s con­nect today!