Autumn Colours

Along wind­ing paths where autumn dwells,
Under can­op­ies of gold and fiery reds,
We walk in peace, just you and I,
Underneath an over-exposed, open sky.

Leaves of yel­low, amber, and rust,
Whisper secrets with each gentle gust,
Autumn’s col­ours, rich and bold,
In these woods, lo and behold.

With each step, the world fades away,
In this serene embrace, we choose to stay,
Hand in hand, we explore and roam,
In this embrace, we find our way home.

Your long brown hair, in the cold breeze,
Dances like the leaves amongst the trees,
Your blue eyes, deep as the ocean­’s hue,
Reflect the beauty of this autumn view.

In these moments, time seems to pause,
As we’re wrapped in nature’s wel­com­ing arms,
The crunch of leaves under our feet,
Marks our jour­ney, so simple and sweet.

The forest, a tapestry of tran­quil­lity,
Mirrors our love, deep and free,
In the golden light of the fad­ing sun,
We find peace, our hearts as one.

As we wander, the world seems right,
Bathed in autum­n’s warm, gentle light,
With you by my side, everything’s clear,
In these peace­ful walks, love draws near.

Through the woods, with col­ours so bright,
We walk togeth­er, in the soft autumn light,
In this moment, noth­ing else com­pares,
To the love we share, amidst autum­n’s airs.

Jerry Silfwer
Jerry Silfwer
Jerry Silfwer, alias Doctor Spin, is an awarded senior adviser specialising in public relations and digital strategy. Currently CEO at Spin Factory and KIX Communication Index. Before that, he worked at Kaufmann, Whispr Group, Springtime PR, and Spotlight PR. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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