The Priming Wheel: 12 Steps to Yes

How to be persuasive in multiple steps.

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The Priming Wheel aims to inspire multi-step persuasion.

With its 12-step approach, the Priming Wheel exem­pli­fies mul­tiple touch­points inspired by “Pre-Suasion,” Robert Cialdini’s frame­work for shap­ing receptiv­ity before the actu­al per­sua­sion attempt is made. 1Cialdini, R. (2017, April 20). Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade. Amazon​.co​.uk. https://​www​.amazon​.co​.uk/​P​r​e​-​S​u​a​s​i​o​n​-​R​e​v​o​l​u​t​i​o​n​a​r​y​-​W​a​y​-​I​n​f​l​u​e​n​c​e​-​P​e​r​s​u​a​d​e​/​d​p​/​1​8​4​7​9​4​1​4​35/

Each prim­ing step rein­forces the pre­vi­ous one, cre­at­ing a stronger, more resi­li­ent found­a­tion for the per­suas­ive message.

Here we go:

The Priming Wheel: Lay the Groundwork

Priming Wheel - Persuasion - 12 Steps
The Priming Wheel (click to enlarge).
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The Priming Wheel: 12 Steps To Yes

Persuasion is often a jour­ney rather than a one-off event. 

Priming (in per­sua­sion) = the pro­act­ive pro­cess of mov­ing an audi­ence into an action­able state of mind through mul­tiple PR activ­it­ies in a pre-planned sequence. 

The Priming Wheel is not just a lin­ear pro­gres­sion of argu­ments but a layered approach that addresses dif­fer­ent aspects of the recip­i­ent’s ration­al, emo­tion­al, social, and eth­ic­al decision-mak­ing process.

Each touch­point in the Priming Wheel serves as a stra­tegic moment to subtly influ­ence and pre­pare the recip­i­ent’s mind­set, mak­ing them more amen­able to the final mes­sage or call to action.

  • The golden rule of per­sua­sion is to lay the ground­work; nev­er sug­gest any­thing to any­one who isn’t ready to com­ply — yet.

Of course, you can pick and choose rel­ev­ant prim­ing steps for your PR activ­ity — and even arrange them dif­fer­ently to fit your product/​service and narrative:

  • Curiosity trig­ger. Encourage the recip­i­ent to seek inform­a­tion more act­ively. For example, entice them with an inter­act­ive ele­ment like a click­able link to get started.
  • Emotional hook. Connect with the recip­i­ent on a per­son­al level. Share a story that they can emo­tion­ally relate to, fos­ter­ing a deep­er con­nec­tion with your message.
  • Social proof. Alleviate the recipient’s appre­hen­sions by present­ing evid­ence of suc­cess from oth­ers. Utilize testi­mo­ni­als as a reas­sur­ing demon­stra­tion of third-party endorsements.
  • Small ask. Gently nudge the recip­i­ent towards a low-effort com­mit­ment. For instance, request them to briefly describe a chal­lenge they’re facing in exchange for a reward.
  • Value demon­stra­tion. Showcase the bene­fits of your pro­pos­al. Use visu­al or descript­ive meth­ods to high­light the advant­ages, focus­ing more on the bene­fits than the solution.
  • Mutual bene­fits. Build trust by illus­trat­ing how the recip­i­ent’s suc­cess bene­fits you. Clarify the recip­roc­al nature of the bene­fits, rein­for­cing mutu­al interest.
  • Trust test. Gauge the recip­i­ent’s trust in you by ask­ing them to take a small, trust-based action. For example, encour­age them to share your mes­sage with their network.
  • Common enemy. Unite the recip­i­ent against a shared chal­lenge or adversary. Provide a tan­gible depic­tion of this ‘enemy’ to solid­i­fy a sense of joint pur­pose and struggle.
  • Negative rein­force­ment. Illustrate the neg­at­ive out­comes of not tak­ing action. Present a vivid pic­ture of the worst-case scen­ario to under­score the import­ance of compliance.
  • Big ask (“The Sale”). Make a com­pel­ling case for imme­di­ate action. Present your offer with a sense of urgency, like a count­down, to prompt an imme­di­ate decision.
  • Feedback loop. Reinforce the recip­i­ent’s con­fid­ence in their decision or pur­chase. Offer encour­age­ment and express solid­ar­ity, strength­en­ing their con­vic­tion in their choice.
  • Referral ask. Show appre­ci­ation for the recip­i­ent’s opin­ion and net­work. Invite them to refer col­leagues with­in their industry in exchange for a reward, demon­strat­ing respect for their influ­ence and judgment.

The Priming Wheel’s multi-touch­point strategy is not just about deliv­er­ing inform­a­tion; it’s about cre­at­ing a men­tal and emo­tion­al envir­on­ment where the final mes­sage is deeply felt and under­stood, lead­ing to a more pro­found and last­ing impact.

The best per­suaders become the best through pre-sua­sion — the pro­cess of arran­ging for recip­i­ents to be recept­ive to a mes­sage before they encounter it.”
— Robert Cialdini (author of Pre-Suasion) 2Cialdini, R. (2017, April 20). Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade. Amazon​.co​.uk. https://​www​.amazon​.co​.uk/​P​r​e​-​S​u​a​s​i​o​n​-​R​e​v​o​l​u​t​i​o​n​a​r​y​-​W​a​y​-​I​n​f​l​u​e​n​c​e​-​P​e​r​s​u​a​d​e​/​d​p​/​1​8​4​7​9​4​1​4​35/

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