Chasing Waterfalls

The sanc­tum of the forest, veiled deep,
Where crows nest, and secrets keep,
Lies a water­fall, hid­den from the day,
In a tran­quil dream, tucked away.

In this cloistered nook, it always falls,
Amidst the silent trees, it always calls,
A melody of nature’s own devise,
A sym­phony beneath Nordic skies.

Its waters bear its soul in numb­ing tones,
Through moss-clad rocks and ancient bones,
Not a gentle spray, nor a soft splash,
But a thun­der­ous roar, a mighty crash.

The water­fall, a guard­i­an of old,
In its ancient strength, stor­ies unfold,
Of days long past, of time’s slow crawl,
In the forest’s heart, it stands tall.

Beneath the winds, time slows its pace,
In this secluded and for­got­ten space,
A hid­den gem, a rare find,
A place for solace, for peace of mind.

Here, the ration­al mind finds peace,
In reflect­ive shades, all wor­ries cease,
All hard­ships fade before the night,
In this hid­den haven, this van­ish­ing light.

Deep in the forest, it remains,
A secret beauty, where calm reigns,
A water­fall with such divine grace,
A tran­quil, for­got­ten, sac­red place.

Each droplet holds a story untold,
Of trees and stones, ancient and bold.
A remind­er of nature’s per­sist­ent call,
Return, I will, to this waterfall.

Jerry Silfwer
Jerry Silfwer
Jerry Silfwer, alias Doctor Spin, is an awarded senior adviser specialising in public relations and digital strategy. Currently CEO at Spin Factory and KIX Communication Index. Before that, he worked at Kaufmann, Whispr Group, Springtime PR, and Spotlight PR. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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