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The Splinternet — Mankind’s Battle for Internet Control

The splin­ter­net is the idea that the inter­net “splin­ters” into sev­er­al dif­fer­ent inter­nets that aren’t con­nec­ted to each oth­er in any mean­ing­ful way.

House Of Cards is Changing the Streaming Game

Netflix premi­eres a new show, House of Cards. It’s an ori­gin­al première — and as such, it will change the game of television.

No David, Social Media Won’t Kill Culture

No, social media won’t kill cul­ture. The “Mad Men” of tra­di­tion­al media are down for the count, but instead of being humble, they aim to rewrite history.

Why Future Superbrands Will Be Virtual Town Squares

Discover how future super­brands can estab­lish them­selves as vir­tu­al town squares, gain­ing and main­tain­ing priv­ileged pos­i­tions. Explore more at Doctor Spin.

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