The Photo Project

Wifey in Autumn Colours

I love to shoot wifey in autumn colours. Wifey’s long brown hair, the autumn leaves, the bark on the trees, dusty black tones.

The Photography Project: My Descent Into Madness

My journey into photography is a highly visual story about slipping into madness. In this post, I've outlined all pivotal moments so far.

Autumn is Calling

The leaves are falling. As strange as it may sound, I always feel born again in the autumn. I love the colours, the crisp air. Perfect for photography.

A Photowalk in September

You can almost always take a photowalk. I’m learning that a photowalk can fix most things in life. You just grab your camera and you go out.

Stockholm Mood

The Stockholm mood. We haven’t experienced an lockdown of the city, but it’s not life as usual right now. Life right now is … something other than usual.