Hippie Web

How Social Media Divides Us

How social media divides us—is it becoming a breeding ground for hate groups, fake news, and click-baits?

FOMO & Digital Trends — Why You Don’t Have To Catch Them All

How do you escape FOMO in today's wired world—and must you become a Pokémon- or Clubhouse marketing expert now?

Digital-First is the Way

Digital first is the new paradigm, because if business works in the complex world of social media, it will work everywhere else as well.

The Hippie Web is Dead (2005-2015)

While the hippie web where sitting around camp fire circles singing Kumbaya, some went out and returned with tons of real experience.

Mediocrity — why your content marketing falls into oblivion

When mediocrity turns out to be a non-fertile wasteland for online marketing activities, it's time to revise your digital strategies and step up your game.