Cluetrain Manifesto

The Hippie Web is Dead (2005-2015)

While the hippie web where sitting around camp fire circles singing Kumbaya, some went out and returned with tons of real experience.

Why Future Superbrands Will Be Virtual Town Squares

Will there be superbrands also in the...

Human rights, free internet access, and net neutrality

It's time that the United Nations and all democracies declared net neutrality and internet access to be basic human rights.

The Splinternet — Mankind’s Battle for Control Over the Internet

The splinternet is the idea that the internet “splinters” into several different internets that aren’t connected to each other in any meaningful way.

The Silent Switch — How Algorithms Have Changed

The silent switch is disrupting our societies. Algorithms reward sensationalism over brand loyalty and trust—and society must suffer the consequences.