Bandwagon Effect

58 Logical Fallacies and Cognitive Biases

We should strive to be less stupid by studying logical fallacies and cognitive biases. This is helpful in PR, too, since we deal with human communication daily.

The Perfect PR Masters Degree for Spin Doctors

What would an ideal PR masters degree curriculum for future spin doctors look like? This is a suggested 4,5-year program.

How to Deal with Online Trolls

Here's how to deal with online trolls who are messing around with your company, whether in social media, comment sections, or forums.

Fuck Taylor — The Whole Idea of Efficiency is Broken

I say, “Fuck Taylor”. I find the whole concept of "being efficient" to be fundamentally broken.

The Useful Idiot Syndrome

The useful idiot syndrome is amplifying online hate. By overcompensating to signal moral values, we all stir up online aggression.